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Lower Taxes.
Lower Crime.
Strong Schools.

Police Endorsed
Small Business Endorsed
MN Chamber of Commerce Endorsed
Republican Endorsed

Lower Taxes.
Lower Crime.
Strong Schools.

Police Endorsed
Small Business Endorsed
MN Chamber of Commerce Endorsed
Republican Endorsed
Video: Get to Know Paul Hillen

Why I’m Running

I’m running for our budgets, safety, schools, and seniors. Minnesota is at a crossroads. Inflation is spiraling out of control, crime is at historic levels, the pandemic has setback the education of a whole generation of children, and many of our seniors are struggling to make ends meet.

We need to reduce the cost of living. We need safe communities. We need parents to have full transparency of their children’s curriculum. We need seniors to be free of the burdensome social security tax from the state of Minnesota. Filling your gas tank and buying groceries should not be luxuries. Wondering if your house will be broken into or being car-jacked in a parking lot is not ok.

My wife Karen and I have raised our four kids in Plymouth for the past 21 years, and we’ve watched both our city and the state change. We need to address these issues and restore our state and local communities as great places to work, raise a family, retire, and importantly to be safe. I’ve been in business my entire career. I’m not a politician. I’m a husband, a father, a community volunteer, a business professional, a long-time resident of our district, and a concerned citizen who believes we can do better.

I decided to run because talking about these problems that affect all of us is not enough. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, I decided it is time to get to work to ensure we leave this great state better off for future generations.  

We need common sense leadership at the state capitol. I have a track record of solving difficult problems, finding innovative solutions, creating a vision for the future, and making that vision become reality. If you believe we need more common sense leadership by concerned citizens, then I ask for your vote and commit to work for you to address these important issues.


Paul Hillen
State Senate Candidate
District 42 – Plymouth, Maple Grove and Medicine Lake

About Paul

  • 21 year Plymouth and District Resident
  • Husband of 30 Years and Father of Four
  • Community Volunteer for Youth, Disabled, and Seniors
  • 36 year Business Leader, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner
  • Living Well Disability Services Board Chair
  • Author, How Goodness Pays

Husband and Father

Paul and his wife Karen met in 1988 and have been married for 30 years. They raised their four children in Plymouth and have been very active in our community and the Twin Cities. Their four kids participated in Plymouth and Wayzata sports and community activities throughout their growing years.  


Community Volunteer

Paul is a 21 year resident of Plymouth and District 42. He has volunteered to help youth, disabled, and senior citizens for over 20 years. As a long-time citizen of Plymouth and District 42, he knows what is important to you. He coached several girls and boys youth sports teams, volunteers in his church, mentors young adults and small business owners, served on the University of Minnesota Carlson School Institute for Market Research Board, advocated for proper city planning in Plymouth, and currently serves on the board of Living Well Disability Services that transforms the lives of people with disabilities. Paul is fully invested and engaged in our community.  


Career in Business

Paul has been in business his entire career. He’s not a politician. After graduating from Marquette University with a degree in Business Administration, Paul began his career with Procter & Gamble where he held roles in general management, brand management and sales over 15 years. He then joined Cargill, headquartered in Wayzata where he held roles in general management, innovation, marketing, and sales for nearly 16 years. Today, Paul is a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Paul has a legacy of solving big problems, balancing budgets, taking initiative, following through on commitments, and effectively working with others of all different points of view. Paul knows how to accomplish big things and overcome big challenges, and he will do that at the state capitol representing you.


On the Issues

Reduce the Cost of Living

Filling your gas tank and putting food on your table should not be luxuries. As a father of four and business professional, Paul understands the impact inflation and high taxes are having on our families. Paul will work to put more money back into your household budget by supporting supply chain solutions, income tax cuts, gas tax cuts and return the $9.3 billion state surplus to hard working taxpayers.

Prioritize Our Schools and Children

The pandemic took a toll on our children’s education and highlighted the need to get back to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, and leave raising children up to parents. We need policies that strengthen the partnership between parents and schools and improve the transparency of curriculum. Above all, we need our schools to be safe.

Support Our Seniors

Our Seniors should be protected from all forms of abuse (financial, physical, emotional) and neglect. Paul supports the Elder Care and Vulnerable Adult Protection Act and the Safe Seniors Financial Protection Act. 25% of seniors are delaying retirement because of rising costs from inflation and taxes. Paul will author and support policies that eliminate the burdensome state taxes on Social Security benefits.

Keep Our Communities Safe

Worrying about your house being broken into, or being car jacked in a parking lot is not ok. Violent crime has come to our neighborhoods as criminals have become emboldened. Paul will lead common sense efforts to strengthen laws, ensure we fully fund police, and end “arrest and release” policies. Crimes have consequences. Paul will work to keep your families safe by ending failed progressive policies that have led to higher crime. Paul is the only candidate for Senate District 42 that is endorsed by Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. I will fully support and fund our police officers.


Government Fraud and Abuse

Over $2 Billion of your hard earned tax dollars have been wasted or allowed to be stolen by our current elected leaders in Minnesota. Over $1.5 billion has been wasted on cost overruns for light rail, and over $250 million was fraudulently taken in the Feeding our Future scam. Paul is committed to ending this fraud and abuse and being better stewards of your tax dollars. You deserve elected officials who are accountable to you and spend your dollars to keep you safe, provide good infrastructure, and ensure we have strong schools for our children.