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Compare the Candidates

Bonnie Westlin

What’s at stake in this election?

Our Cost of Living, Our Safety, and Our Children’s Education

Paul Hillen
Bonnie Westlin
Paul Hillen

What’s at stake in this election?

Our Cost of Living, Our Safety, and Our Children’s Education

Residency & Community Leadership

At this critical time we need someone who has lived in the district for a long time, knows the residents of the district, has been here for his neighbors, and who will answer your calls when you need help.

Bonnie Westlin

  • Moved to Plymouth in late spring of 2022, after the change in Senate boundaries was announced.

  • Ran for Minnesota Senate in another district in 2016 & 2020. Lost both races.

  • Announced third run for Senate in another district in January 2022. Changed candidacy to Plymouth Senate District in February 2022 after redistricting created an open Senate seat in Plymouth.

Paul Hillen

  • 21 year Plymouth resident. Husband of 30 years and father of 4.

  • Coach of over 40 youth sports teams in Plymouth.

  • Volunteer for youth, disabled & seniors.

  • Living Well Disability Services Board Chair.

  • Former Advisory Board member – University of Chicago Booth Business School and University of Minnesota Carlson School.

  • Led efforts to preserve 163 acres of natural habitat, recreational, and green space in Plymouth from destruction, using private funds.

Professional Experience

Minnesota and our community is experiencing large, complex problems with rising crime, rising cost of living, and declining school performance. We need proven leaders with experience pulling people together to solve difficult problems to get us back on track.

Bonnie Westlin

  • Lawyer.  Sole proprietor of law practice.

Paul Hillen

  • 36 year business professional including roles at international companies Cargill and Procter & Gamble.

  • Small business owner and entrepreneur.

  • Author of the leadership book “How Goodness Pays”.

  • History of leading teams to solve large, complex problems.


To address the key issues of rising crime and increased cost of living in Minnesota and District 42, we need leaders who have the support of key organizations that can help us address solutions to these big problems.

Bonnie Westlin

  • Progressive Turnout Project PAC

  • Government Employee Unions

Paul Hillen

  • Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association – MPPOA

  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC

  • National Federation of Independent Business – NFIB

High Cost of Living

Gasoline prices have increased 60% since last year.  Inflation is costing Minnesota families over $830 per month. Minnesota has the 5th highest tax collections per person, and is ranked 45th out of 50 in business taxes. CNBC gives Minnesota a C- on Cost of Living.

Bonnie Westlin

  • Oppose tax reductions, including reductions in Social Security taxes.

  • Pay health care providers for outcomes rather than the services they provide.

  • Spend your money to create high speed rail to Duluth and Rochester and expand underutilized light rail in the Twin Cities.

  • Mandate non-gas powered cars.

Paul Hillen

  • Reduce state income and gas taxes.

  • Return the state surplus to taxpayers.

  • Oppose emission standards that could raise gas prices up to $2 per gallon.

  • Eliminate taxes on social security benefits.

  • Reduce burdens on businesses to create long term opportunity and economic growth.

Rising Crime

Aggravated assaults are up 63%, and car thefts are up 30% statewide since 2019.  Crime is creeping into the suburbs, with assaults & car thefts in Plymouth up 47% and 76% respectively. Breaking & entering incidents in Plymouth have increased by 71%.  An 18 year old woman was carjacked at Target on Rockford Road.

Bonnie Westlin

  • Support arrest and release and no cash bail policies that put criminals back on our streets.

  • Divert funds from police to social workers and addiction counselors.

  • Give unelected & untrained citizen oversight councils the authority to impose discipline on police officers.

  • Endorsed by Progressive organizations that supported defunding the police.

Paul Hillen

  • Enforce existing laws.

  • Create a juvenile justice system that teaches kids to be responsible for their actions, and helps get them back on track.

  • Fully fund and support the police.

  • Make school buildings safe.

  • End “arrest & release” and “no cash bail” policies.

Declining Education

Only 37% of Minnesota’s high schoolers are proficient in math, and only 56% are proficient in reading. Differences in test scores between races is among the highest in the country.  Teaching of race & gender ideology is replacing core academics and dividing communities.

Bonnie Westlin

  • Oppose innovations that jeopardize the existing K12 system and structure.

  • Promote spending on efforts that have widened the achievement gap.

  • Spend your money to pay off student loan debt.

  • Have you examine your privilege, your individual beliefs, and your participation in the systems and structures of racism in education.

Paul Hillen

  • Focus on core academics & evidence-based methods.
  • Eliminate political, ideological, & opinion-based curriculum. Let parents raise their kids.
  • Legislative approval of academic standards.
  • Improve equity of opportunity by expanding school choice.